Environment Policy

    As being a company of giving ‘a sheet forming service’ to the Automative Sector - TEKKALIP LTD COMPANY; we hereby guarantee the following statements for our all activities at the principle of constantly degrading and continually rehabilitating the harmful effects which might occur on the environment;
1) We will promptly follow and obey the environment acts – regulations and other related arbitraments and actualise the desires of our customers about environment,
2) We will prevent industrial pollution in all our actions and operations and decrease the pollution to minimum quantity at its source and control our wastes minimizing them at our targets and encourage the recovery,
3) We will keep the natural source (electric- water- rawmaterail – fuel ) consumption and head for the natural sources which have minimum effects on the nature and environment,
4) We will organize training programs so that we can increase the environment consiousness and awareness and inform the relevant sides and provide the sharing with the locals,
5) We will have the available work setting by removing the conditions which might effect the Laborer health and work safety negatively,
6) We will provide the continuity of the environment policy of TEKKALIP by making it a written document..