Quality Policy

To reach the Competetive level internationally in our activity In
order to reach this goal ;

As being the TEKKALIP LTD Co; we hereby guarantee to provide the continual development in all below-mentioned issues ;
The certification of our Company Quality Management System by providing the convenience of Quality Management Systemes which are adopted and actual universally,
Keeping the customer satisfaction at the highest level by dispatching the qualified product with a feasible – reasonable price,
Providing the attendance of the technological developments in our production methods as quality developing instruments by following the latest technological innovations,
Getting our employees to adopt the quality awareness by ameliorating the working conditions and training and securing the develoments of the employees at every level and taking the advantage of their experience,
Providing our suppliers’ developments by supporting them,
Disposing the least detrimental materials to the health and the environment ,
Having the satisfaction of an employer by becoming a constantly developing and a high profit company,
Rehabilitating the processes and providing the efectiveness of the implementations and practicing the quality management systems.