Work Health and Security Policy

   As being a company of giving ‘a sheet forming service’ to theAutomative Sector - TEKKALIP LTD COMPANY; we hereby guarantee the following statements for our all activities at the principle of abatingly degrading and continually rehabilitating the risks which might occur;
1) We will promptly follow and obey the ‘work health and safety’ acts – regulations and other related arbitraments and actualize the desires of our customers about ‘work health and safety,
2) We will provide the use of protective equipments and the corrective and preventive precautions within the frame of ‘WORK Health and Work Safety ‘ laws,
3) We will have actions for constant rehabilitating the ‘work health and work Safety ‘performance,
4) We will organize training programs so that we can increase the consiousness and awareness of ‘work health and work Safety’ of our employees and inform our customers, subcontractor, suppliers and our guests,
5) We will provide a convenient work environment by annihilating the conditions which might effect the ‘work health and work safety’ negatively,
6) We will provide the continuity of the ‘work health and work safety ‘policy of TEKKALIP by making it a written document.